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I currently work on Psychic Today/TV and have been since 2012, its like being part of a big psychic family. Its available to watch on SKY Channel 680 and available online or on various social media sites including Facebook and YouTube you can watch Psychic Today to the left or above this paragraph depending on whether your viewing via PC or Mobile.
Psychic Today is the UK’s longest running psychic TV show. We’ve stood the test of time, through our commitment to providing genuine, tried & tested psychics. Watch this renowned psychic TV show online for your daily dose of all things psychic! Get your voicemails & texts answered on screen!

Radio Shows


Join me on Pulse Talk Radio and my YouTube Channel for the Astrology Hour every Monday from 12 Midday till 1pm where I delve deep into all aspects Astrology and discuss how it effects you in your everyday lives, I also read out your weekly/monthly horoscopes. If you would like to be involved with the show as a guest or if you’d just like to find out what your birth date means then drop me an email at: or

Hit the Play Button below to TuneIn

If you missed The Astrology Hour on Pulse Talk Radio you can just click on the Mixcloud Player below to listen back to it as well as my YouTube Channel


Join me on Fantasy Radio as DJ Chaos in the early hours of Wednesday morning 12midnight till 3am for three hours of non stop Alternative music and Rock including EBM, Industrial, 80’s Synthpop, New Wave, Dark Wave, Electronica, Gothic Rock, Classic Rock, NU Rock, Metal and all kinds of Goth style Music. If you would like to find out more about Fantasy Radio UK, it’s shows and presenters then you can visit the website: or Listen Live Now!


If you missed my live broadcast of Dystopia then here’s another chance to listen back to it on Mixcloud just hit the play button below and off you go onto a journey into  Dystopia

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My Interview on The Spiritual Alchemy Show

On this show I talk about my work as a Psychic Detective and what it entails.

Spirit Attachments and Spirit Releasement Therapy

In this episode we discuss Spirit/Entity Attachments and how it’s on the increase and why. Then Alan Drew International Psychic Medium, Regression Therapist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Consultant takes you through an SRT (spirit releasement therapy) session with Mild Hypnosis to help you find out if you have and how to release them. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions then you can get in touch via my websites: or


The Astrology Hour with Tarotscope on Pulse Talk Radio and YouTube

The Astrology Hour every Monday on Pulse Talk Radio 12Midday till 1pm but if you miss it, it’s also available on my YouTube Channel every Monday from 12Midday.

2023 Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit and how it will affect you in all aspects of life.

Below you can watch four videos, an Introduction into how I work, recorded footage of some recent readings, (Permission was given by for them to be public)

Below you can watch recorded footage of my mediumship walk around on some paranormal investigations that I was involved with including the Ancient Rams Inn

Below you can watch some of my latest videos from my YouTube Channel

Below you can watch some of my classic Guided Meditation & Spiritual Guidance videos of which some have had 6000+ views

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