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meHow I work as a Psychic Medium
I currently work on Psychic Today/TV which can be watched online and via SKY Channel 680 I also provide readings on Mediums Now, Psychic Living, Sally Morgans Psychic Team, and Fright Nights Worcester. My specialist area is Psychic Detective work where I use my innate abilities and various tools to delve into Murders, Unsolved Cases, Kidnappings, Missing Persons and More. I also do Paranormal Investigations, Mediumship Demonstrations, host charity evenings & events and do Platform work up and down the UK and Internationally at special events and spiritual churches,  House, Building, Spirit Clearances and the Removal of Personal Entity Attachments.

I provide Direction, Insight and Guidance into all aspects of your life, as well as bringing forward those all important Validations, Essential Healing and Clarity of Thought with my readings, helping you to connect with your friends, family and loved ones who are residing in the Spirit World proving that life is eternal, and that life still goes on even when we leave this physical world. I try to live in Harmony alongside Nature and the universe. The best way to explain how I work is when I connect with spirit or the universal vibration I feel first, which sends me into a trance like state “even if it’s just for a few seconds” then in that moment I am projected either into a past, present or future moment or a combination of all. I then become overwhelmed with various emotions and feelings and receive “what could only be referred to as a universal download” which consists of information related to the person, place or situation. I also connect directly through the heart chakra so I feel how my client feels which means sometimes my readings can become very emotional as I connect into the core or soul of their very being.”
I connect to the universal vibrations and energy which connects me to the past present and future, I also channel various astrals, spirits and other entities in trance, meditation and sleep, these various beings, or bodies of energy connect me to lost, trapped, or missing spirits and souls for my psychic detective work. I’m a Member of the SNU (Spiritualists National Union), a minister and ordained member of the clergy for The Church of Spiritual Humanism, and a Member of OBOD (Order of Bards Ovates and Druids).
As a reader I’m  very sympathetic, compassionate, caring and understanding, I’m here to help you not to judge you, so feel free to ask me anything, there’s not much I haven’t heard or experienced myself. I work directly by connecting with my Spiritual Counsel of twelve which includes Guides, Spirit the Angelic realm and Ascended Masters. I connect with you directly through the heart chakra so I connect on a deep and emotional level.
I also use various tools like Oghams, Tarot Decks, Angel Cards, Psychometry, the Crystal Ball, The Crystal FB profilePendulum, my Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror, Planetary Aspects and the Universal Energy. As mentioned I connect with spirit and the universe, I feel first, then I am transported wherever spirit feels I need to go, which could be be a past, present or a future moment in time that needs attention on your universal timeline, I then become overwhelmed with various emotions and feelings and receive a universal download of information around a person, place or situation.
I’m here to provide Direction, Insight, and Guidance through my readings and Mediumship to help connect you with your friends, family and loved ones who are residing in World of Spirit for healing, peace of mind and clarity of thought  I also work with trace vibrations and residual energy which is left on someones personal items or photos, it’s what I like to call the universal fingerprint each one is unique to an individual like the physical fingerprint. My readings I like to think of  as an uplifting and insightful  experience which includes Mediumship, Psychometry and Channeling, as I try to bridge the great divide between our physical world and the wonderful world of spirit to show you that life truly is eternal and that we evolve and live on in the hereafter, I also connect with and channel messages from the unseen spectrum of many dimensions, planes, realities and otherworldly existences to bring you messages, insight, guidance, words of hope wisdom and clarity.
I connect very intently with all the elemental forces/spirits ie: water, earth, air and fire it’s about working alongside them not against them, it’s about universal oneness and the need to align oneself with all that is and ever has been. I have a very close relationship/kinship with one elemental spirit, her name is Asala she is an elemental spirit of ice, she has a very beautiful, calming and unique energy, but shes a powerful force to be reckoned with too if need be she has helped me on many occasions from passing messages and warnings on to me, to helping me clear malevolent energies from houses, work space and gardens, she truly is wonderful entity. My main guide is Cammille who has been with me since childhood, when she was earthbound she was a Druid High Priestess whom I had the honor of being hand-fasted too and sat alongside as her High Priest, we we’re twin flames who spent our lives travelling the earth sharing herbal lore, spiritual wisdom and love with everyone we came into contact with and when her time was up she returned home to her kinship of Pleiades and rejoined her people the Pleiadians, she was one of the earliest star seeds sent to earth to bring about harmony and spread the word of peace, love and unity in a time of opposition and war.
You may of all had experiences in your past that can be felt and enjoyed too, it’s not supernatural, it’s natural.. People are so busy today, controlled to extent by the media, money and fame, so we’ve all forgotten who we really are and where we’ve come from, we’ve been blinded, tricked, and lead astray, into thinking that this physical life is the only or most important existence, when it’s not, we are all light/spirit beings in a physical form having a physical journey.

Spiritual Practices

Me in Robe Hood up awen & ophiuchi

I’m a P’hd (Practicing Holistic Druid) who connects into the energy and vibrations of the earth and the universe which include various entities, beings, guardians and representatives of the infinite dimensions, realities and universes for channeling information, healing and prophesying we are all one and are connected to the same source no matter what name, religion or belief system you are apart of we are the universe having a physical experience
Many moons ago due to my interest and knowledge I decided to go ahead and self initiate myself as a wiccan, which was based upon and around the old religion of witchcraft and being a fourth generation psychic medium and my family descending from the old Romany gypsies it seemed appropriate. It was one of the best things I ever done as I spread the word of what I was doing people became interested and wanted to join, before I knew where I was we had created a coven. We all voted and I was deemed the High priest of our coven, I had many happy times back then doing our Sabbats, esbats, full moon rites, initiations and my favorite was always the cakes and ale after. Every so often we would also meet up and do a special ritual in the circle to help each other bring in and achieve our desires and help with life issues aka manifesting, which we done through many different ways, Spells being our favorite way, which nowadays is commonly referred to as cosmic ordering, Unfortunately due to relocation and work I had to leave, but I never forgotten all the lessons learnt and was one of the happiest times in my life.
After leaving my coven I had a horrible gap and empty feeling in my life, so I looked towards druidry which is similar but also very different and it appealed to that almost hermit persona within. I felt like I was home, finally I found my place within this world and life, somewhere I truly belong and no matter what challenges life throws my way I will always have that feeling, inside and out, of true peace and happiness.
I was born with my abilities the first recollection i have was when I was about five years old going shopping with my mum and saw two people in front who looked very strange in clothing unlike anything I hame in robe ever seen, I remember looking towards my mum and saying why are those two people in front wearing strange clothes to which she replied what people! I looked and they had gone. I also had an imaginary friend, “although she always seemed very real to me” she was with me all through my childhood and as I grew so did she, her name was Cammille and who now as one of my Spirit Guides.
As I got older I had more and more experiences, like waking up in the night to find strange people in my room then seeing a flash of white light and they’d be gone. I also found myself telling family about people who I would see around them, giving descriptions of height, looks, clothing, names etc and they’d say how do you know that? To which I’d reply because there standing behind you an they went very pale and sometimes nearly passed out on the odd occasion. I’d also find myself giving predictions to family and friends about various future events like descriptions of new people coming into thete lives, marriage, work and much more and to there amazement they would watch it come to pass.

universalspirit03I am Alan Drew known as a universal medium who is also fourth generational which means  it’s been passed down/inherited through my family genes and can be traced back through four generations of my family. I also have the ability to work on a very high vibration and frequency to channel and connect with a whole host of supernatural forces, entities, spirits, energies and vibrations across the spectrum on a multi-dimensional and multiversel scale, which includes other-worldly and dimensional beings and future representations of ourselves. Most of my spirit work, readings and channeling’s are now conducted on a 5th Dimension vibration which means In Unconditional Love.”We are one with all, and one is all with us.”  The information here has been channeled from the Universal Vibrations and Energies, Otherworldly Entities, and Spirit to remind you that you are an Infinite Universal Light Being, a child of the universe, a being of pure energy not just physical, we are connected to the universe and all that is. As humans all what we was, have been and where we come from is forgotten, this is done to protect us and not to influence the current journey we are on. We are all one and connected to the same source, we all have our own individual physical lives to get on with, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are all one in our true form.
>We are here to help bridge the great divide and to help you connect with the universal energies, vibrations, otherworldly entities, blessed spirit and loved ones to bring you messages of love, hope, glory, insight, guidance and clarity from those who have a passed over to the wonderful world of spirit or with those from other dimensions and planes of existence, to prove that life is indeed eternal and part of a continuous cycle of evolution as we once again return home from where we all have come from and take on our true and natural form, “the ethereal body of universal and eternal energy” which is our natural state of existence. We are energy beings and that whats with-in is also with-out and vice versa. we are all currently undertaking a physical journey in a physical body on this wonderful planet we call earth.community03 You can look at the earth as a campus or educational institute, we are here to learn about ourselves, valuable life lessons, and from others too, “we are all on this earth for a purpose even if you don’t know what that is yet” what we do whilst on this planet, how we react to situations, other people, and treat our earth mother are all monitored and we are all answerable to the universe for our actions, this is where karma come’s into play. We are in control but some parts of our life path are already predetermined whilst here including many people whom we interact with during in our time on earth. When we leave our physical bodies and return to our true form we then are reviewed on our actions and dependent on what we did with our time on earth determines where we go and what we evolve into on the next part of our journey. As infinite, eternal and universal beings we are all capable of connecting and communicating with each other through energy and vibrations given off from the earth and universe as well as it’s bodies within it including black-holes, planets, stars, constellations, comets, asteroids, galaxies and the infinite universes that exist with there ethereal, spirit bodies, guardians and protectors. By giving thanks to the universe on a daily basis you are not just acknowledging your blessings but also drawing more positive energy and opportunities to yourself. Alan Drew is a Fourth Generation Psychic Medium who connects with the Universe and all that is within it. I have been informed by the universe and all that is, including the infinite and eternal beings to let you know that we are all going through a major transition and universal awakening. Most of you are still dormant and living under the misconception that this is your life and for those of you who know there’s more, theirs still a common misconception or belief that you still need to follow a certain spiritual path or be part of a religion in order to evolve and put on that eternal body of which is just pure energy, colour and light

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