Star Wars project, Portals, Wormholes and Interstellar Travel

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The Star wars Project, Interstellar Travel, Wormholes, Portals and Stargates

The star wars project is a world government funded project which looks at ways to travel to different dimensions, planets and time travel. The world government has long known that this is possible through the use of ancient star maps known as petroglyphs which are made up of concentric circles, characters, spirals and a whole host of different symbology and writings which provide axis points at different locations all over the world. Many of these axis points are aligned directly with various different constellations and the axis point or monument give direct access to that constellation it’s planets, stars and otherwordly beings some of who guard the entrance into that world/dimension or plane, these are also known as Star Gates  and the entrance and exit point on the earth are all directly connected through an energy grid know as ley lines and these are all electro-magnetically charged but over the many thousands of years the grid has been cut or disconnected at various points throughout the world to keep its secrets hidden through the use of various minerals and crystals buried deep underground which causes the grid to channel it’s energy away in a different direction creating a diversion or short circuit of it’s full power.
When this energy is at full capacity it can be used to charge star gates and open up portals which create wormholes or shortcuts therefore linking the earth with other planets, star systems, galaxies and universes, but this can also be channeled to levitate objects, like stone which can weigh hundreds of tons that would not be able to be lifted without some kind of device like crane or ship.  You could also channel or harness this energy for the purpose of detecting other valuable sources like precious metals or certain materials that could be used in the building of stargates, docking ports, temples, weapons and more.


The world government knows all this and have for a while now and are trying to manipulate this information and pump unlimited resources into it so to create interstellar travel to conquer other worlds, dimensions and existences so they can divide, conquer and control, this is known as the star wars project and I will go into more detail about this in my other blog entry called Area 51 & 52 the Surface Cover up and there Stargate Travel work

I hope you enjoyed this read and believe me this is all true, open your eyes, your mind and connect with your higher self guides, and universal entities, guardians and protectors to find your own truth about who you are and where you come from.
In much love, universal light and star blessings x

The Star Wars Project, Atlantis and the Atlanteans

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Atlantis is set to rise again as an underwater earthquake brings it to the surface and reveals its hidden secrets to true atlantean people and how they created a perfect alloy skeleton craft incorporated into the land which through the use of sacred geometric patterns and the mapping of portals and wormholes many of the atlantean people, scholars, sages and high priests avoided impending disaster by being able leave the planet minutes before it’s civilization became a memory/myth of the past

The whole human race can be traced back to the universe and every person past, present and future is a different part of the universe having a physical experience in a physical body on this physical earth. The soul, Incarnate self, universal energy, or life force is the eternal self that all stem from there own corner or constellation within the universe and can experience life in an infinite different forms or expressions within the multiverse or infiniteverse, there are as many of these dimensions and planes as there are grains of sand. The Atlanteans are from the constellation of Aquarius where the planet Mercury resides, just like the Egyptians are from the constellation of Orion, The Hawaiians, Polynesians, Aborigines  are from the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus.
All earthly beings including our ancestors stem from our relatives who are alien and exist in there quadrant within the confines of star system